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Last update on: 2020/11/03

1xbet bookmaker review

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There are many reviews describing functions and activities vis-a-vis 1xbet. Due to global spread of 1x bet and their well-pronounced presence in almost every nation but not all, we have decided to focus on 1xbet Ghana.

Looking into what makes the bookmaker thick; one should assess its web domain thorough at 1xbet.com.gh to ascertain its depth in great detail


Its global transcendence permeates both the minds of clients and the gambling sector because of its encompassing scope regarding capacity of functions and features built-in on its app (covering Windows, Android and iOS users).

Gamers are relentlessly awarded copious bonuses complimented with gainful promos per annum in order to keep both loyal and potential bettors in check, enhancing their wagering efforts and experience simultaneously while on 1xbet gh.

 1xbet app

Moreso, the introduction of many facilities on-site brings about a difference; players can see livestreams of gaming plus sporting events on different sporting marketplaces. What more? Odds frequently made available at 1xbet are more than average, ranging between 1.40 to 5.00 during high-peak periods of gambling.

 1xbet odds

The architectural build of its web domain and app is superb and unbeaten among others. Its web domain is split into six different segments, namely: main long menu strip, promo ads, enrolment and login, live wagers, betslip and instant enrolment box, you can find more. Bookie’s web domain has blue as its primary colour and it reflects in all. Variety is 1xbet gh mainstay.

Lastly, you need not be anxious about security and safety of its platform whether mobile or web. 1x bet is licensed to operate in Ghana and it has a dedicated team of IT security experts handling their network backend ensuring zero tolerance to compromise, hacker-hits and safe custody of client data. Summation of payment options for both cash lodgement and pullout on 1xbet Ghana is huge and they all are efficient and effective.

Merits & Demerits of 1xbet Gh

There’s always a good and bad side to anything man-made inasmuch as the principle of wholesomeness is concerned.

Merits are advantageous feats, services and functions attached to an object. In this regard 1x bet doesn’t lack them. Its merits comprise of; availability of beneficial welcome or sign-up incentive, efficient and uncomplicated diversity of means of payment, lucrative odds, wide range of sports and wagering marketplaces, language settings, provision of mirror weblinks to the site; and enticing Casino gaming incentives.

Notable demerits plaguing 1xbet Ghana are just a few, which are; delayed funds pullout processing time; and we found out that bookie’s in-play facility needs some enhancements to overcome few periods of buffering or lags due to feeder servers carrying bookie’s platform.

1xbet Support and Contact Channels

1xbet Ghana contact has been made available to all players to ensure steady communication exchanges between the bookmaker and its numerous customers via many channels directly linked to various departments the client's query falls within their purview of expertise.

For Ghanaian customers, through correspondence can write the client support team on electronic mail addresses, dedicated hot phone lines, social media handles on either Twitter, IMO, Signal and WhatsApp platforms; and lastly, there's an online query form situated just righ, near the base of bookie's webpage.

Below is the comprehensive detail of communication channels at your disposal for thorough perusal in case of necessity as a Ghanaian punter.

 1xbet support

Mode of Enrolment for Prospective Clients

Enrolling on the platform is paramount to becoming part of a gambling community bound by one purpose - wagering to win! To commence, enter the web domain thru 1xbet.com.gh and look for enrolment link either for instant enrolment or normal procedure.

 1xbet registration

Furthermore, when you’ve have chosen to tap enrolment tab circled in red at the topmost part of bookie’s homepage, it opens an electronic form where you’d have to input all obligatory user data – active and registered cellphone number and memorable password before submission for entry. If you decide going by instant enrolment, it’s handy as provided on 1x bet homepage.

 1xbet register

Review of Web Domain

On 1xbet gh web domain, you're faced with an activity-rich content packed digital enclave for gambling on assorted gaming and sporting activities or events. Once you are granted entry into the web domain or just visiting, the homepage's blue background gives warmth and pleasant aesthetics.

Bookmaker's homepage is segmented properly to accommodate all features and functions geared towards better service and pleasurable experience on 1xbet Ghana. First segment is the long first blue strip meant for settings (for language plus others), entry (logging in), enrolment, other wagering channels and functions.

Second strip directly beneath the first bears the bookie's corporate icon to the extreme left followed by mainly betting essentials listed and partitioned horizontally from left to extreme right of the strip as shown in the picture below.

Third segment introduces from extreme left two highlighted matches on top and another beneath it - the topmost - meant for finished matches displayed in flip through format; while the one beneath features scheduled matches for the day as displayed in like manner as the one on top.

Followed by instant enrolment facility just beside the jackpot facility to the right; while the massive flip through electronic board for all promos and bonuses adorns the entire right part of the segment on 1x bet.

 1xbet live

Directly beneath the third segment is segment four where there's much activity for the Ghanaian bettor. This segment is fragmented to contain, on the left, live bets (harbouring both sporting activities in all sports marketplaces and electronic gaming events in every eGaming marketplace) seating atop Sportsbook also housing same content.

Then, to the right is the betslip, with bookie's social network page links on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram attached beneath; then followed by daily accumulators strip below it on 1xbet.

Lastly, towards the base of 1xbet central segment as reviewed, you'd find another set of interesting links to other webpages containing useful information beneficial to every gamer; without which there's nothing might sound concrete, thereby rendering bookie quite unserious.

 1xbet down menu

Here you'd be exposed to 1x bet gaming system, statistics, vital links, apps, gambling system, bookie's blog, and getting acquainted with its foundation, terms and rules, etc.

Wagering on Sports

In relation to sports wagering 1xbet Ghana has its acts covered in her sportsbook where various eGaming events and assortment of sporting activities slated for wagering.

 1xbet sports

It's your choice to determine what pleases you to wager on; once you choose an event every distinct martketplace associated with it's made available, e.g. wagering marketplace affords you the following exclusively for football: 1x2; dissimilar handicaps; match winner; first goal scorer; no. of goals at full-time and half-time; corner-kicks; throw-ins etc. For marketplaces in sporting events, there are lots of them, e.g. handball, tennis, badminton, snooker, hockey, basketball, rugby and lots more.

1xbet Welcome Incentive

Each prospective gambler qualifies to earn 200 percent enrolment bonus upon making fruitful inceptive wager fund lodgement into his/her 1xbet gh user account; which is 550 Ghanaian Cedi. Therefore begging a poser, how to use 1xbet bonus for wagering purposes?

Well, there's a laid down process in place to make such work; which is by triggering the activation or approval of the TAKE PART IN BONUS OFFERS function during enrolment on bookie's platform. Afterwards, gainfully make inceptive cash lodgement of 5 Ghanaian Cedi at least; then, you're instantly awarded a 100 percent bonus.

Wagering on Live Events

Wagering on live sporting activities on 1xbet gh remains a superb catch because it places you on a vantage position to win big if you're astute in forecasting outcomes.

 1xbet live

To engage in live wagering is by simply traversing to LIVE segment by tapping the LIVE webpage link where every on-going live sporting activity is displayed with changing odds chart trend as the game progresses; game stats, standings plus videostream.

1xbet Cash-Out Facility

Many bettors worldwide appreciate this feature because it's a depiction in practice of the saying, "make hay while the sun shines". Of what value is this feature on 1x bet? It functions thru just a tap of the mouse.

While following your wagers live, you might sense that you may lose the game due to your guess, so what you'd have to do is abruptly ending the wager so as to earn your anticipated winnings at that time. However, you are permitted to either end the wager wholly or partially.

Means of Financial Transactions

Cash Lodgement Procedure into Customer’s Account

There are a total of 132 means of funds lodgement on 1xbet Ghana. But for Ghanaian punters, there are few options exclusively meant for them; which are: bank's automated teller machine credit cards such Mastercard and Visa card; electronic wallets - like Skrill, MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money; digital payment platforms - like Payeer, ePay, Perfect Money, ecoPayz.

These options and others can help you achieve your successful inceptive and subsequent funds lodgement on 1xbet.

 1xbet deposit

Cash Pullout Procedure from Customer’s Account

Cash pullouts on 1xbet gh uses same channels as listed for lodgement. However, the summation of all funds pullout options available is 138.

There are few options exclusively meant for Ghanaian players; which are: bank's automated teller machine credit cards such Mastercard and Visa card – with processing duration of two to five days without service charges; electronic wallets - like Skrill, MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money – with processing duration of fifteen minutes without hidden service charges; digital payment platforms - like Payeer, ePay, Perfect Money, ecoPayz - with processing duration of fifteen minutes without hidden service charges.

 1xbet withdrawal

Then bank transfer transactions gulps about five days, without fees attached. These options and others can help you achieve your successful inceptive and subsequent funds lodgement on 1xbet.

Apps for PC- and Mobile-using Clients

This aspect of 1x bet is fraught with amazing set of apps meant for various OS for portable gadgets of bettors. However, every specific gadget must meet compatibility standards the app needs for wagering operations.

 1xbet apps

These apps differ in specificity and OS, hence, e.g. there's an app for iOS, Android and Windows gadgets, just not to have anyone of those Ghanaian punters be loeft out. Also, bookie went further to develop more apps to suit wagering preferences vis-a-vis eGames, web surfing for different services plus a VPN, e.g. typical casino app for board games and web surfers for Apple Mac and Linux. For more on these arrays of apps go to 1xbet.com.gh

Affiliate Program

This system or scheme was fashioned to draw larger pools of punters on the platform through dedicated affiliates whom 1xbet Ghana handed out advert materials in print (hard and soft copies) and also ad codes meant to be embedded on sports-based blogs and web domains.

 1xbet affiliate

So for any prospective player that joins thru an affiliate, the affiliate earns twenty percent commission which is subject to increase to twenty-five percent.


Are there existing Mirror links to get on 1xbet?


Could 1xbet be trusted?

They are licensed and have had a long history of reliable, safe and secured framework for their platform.

How safe is wagering on this platform?

It’s safe absolutely and there hasn’t been any sort of user data breach.

Are there local branches of bookie’s office around?

Kindly contact the client support service for such information.

Is bookie’s client support service reliable?

Every query registered is handled in real time, even if delays could set in, be sure that you’d receive satisfactory response.

How may I know 1xbet’s real bonus code?

Kindly contact the client support service for such information.

Can I try wagering on 1xbet?

You’d be glad to be part of the wagering platform if you do.

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