Betway review

Last update on: 2020/11/03

Betway Review

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Betway has attained the position of a time-honoured digital sportsbook venture with wide-ranging depth of familiarity and know-how. Betway Ghana has consummate acquaintance in allusion to punter fulfilment; Bet way preserves quite a lot of first-rate wagering services by digitally-based betting companies.

Bookie's homepage is reputed about its utterly marvellous digital outlet for legalised sports and electronic games wagering, accompanied by solid casino portion. There're numerous enlivening rewards and elements that bettors could garner their benefits from. You could go over all of these dimensions of Betway gh in our succeeding meticulous assessments.

Merits and Demerits of Betway

However, every sportsbook has a distinct feature that makes it stand out from others. So, we identified the following merits for Betway com gh are as follows: improved and high-yielding odds, superb mix of both sports and wagering marketplaces, responsive client support service, good welcome offer for new gamers, accessible and portable livestreaming function, handy cashout facility for either partial or full cashout.


The following underscores the demerits inherent in Betway. com: jumbled placements of items on site, exclusion of some football leagues, restriction of bonus entitlements to UK punters (when Internet resource locator indicates such on bookie's system); and its mobile app doesn't encompass some facilities as on its homepage.

Wagering Marketplaces and Odds

On Betway. com. gh there are various sports cum electronic gaming marketplaces complemented by wagering marketplaces as it's the norm on every gambling platform world over.

On this section, our assessment revealed that Betway affords gamers the following sports marketplaces: football, ice hockey, tennis (lawn and table tennis), boxing, MMA, handball, baseball, volleyball, golf, rugby, cycling, darting, snooker, motorsports, and biathlon. In respect of electronic gaming, there's e-sports and casino.

 betway sports

Regarding wagering odds plus its quality Betway gh; our assessment discovered that bookie’s odds are somewhat high-yielding and profitable.

First, we must acquaint players of the types of wagering marketplaces slated for wagering purposes; which include the following: over/under, 1x2, 12, number of corners, throw-ins, fouls and cards (yellow or red), full time, half time, odds per game, goalscorer(s), draws, goals to be scored on either halves, and many more.

About odds quality, it’s amazing because we found out that least wagering odds are at least set at 1.30, while higher wagering odds could reach to 9.50 and slightly above it during peak betting periods on certain sports marketplaces.

Distinction between Sportbook’s Website & Mobile App

Comparable to Betway Ghana mobile app usability, gamers could accomplish whichever undertaking on Betway's web domain. An important distinctive attribute is the speediness of app’s internet connectivity which is swifter than that of its web domain.

It's uncomplicated staking on sporting activities on the web-domain via PC on those marketplaces that aren’t supported on portable smart gadgets. For certain; although bookie’s app is independently deployed on portable smartphones, there're habitually less delays.

For App

  • apparent simplicity devoid of clumsiness;
  • easy to start devoid of web browser;
  • operability on many mobile-based OS; and
  • guarantees easy adaptability for bettors.

For Mobile

  • compact design and dense information structure;
  • good net speed while opening pages;
  • standby online chat and good technical support; and
  • absolute identical function with web domain variant.

Betway Wagering Coverage, Live Wagering & Livestreaming

Wagering covering on Betway. com are quite encompassing. But, as aforestated, we mentioned the rich amalgam of both electronic sports and sporting marketplaces covered on the sportsbook. Therefore, we chose to highlight a bit of electronic sports because other sporting events involving human activity is well-known by players.

The electronic sports segment is a segment comprising all virtual gaming events, which are computer-generated. It’s a very astounding improvement in the gaming business on the globe; merging a expansive spectra of plausible ingenious games into realisation for gaming fancies of punters who are presented two special gambling marketplaces –highlights and outrights – on every sport marketplace – Overwatch, COD, Starcraft, Counterstrike, LOL etc.

 betway esports

Furthermore, in respect of live wagering on Betway com gh, what you’ve got to do is locate the in-play function to wager.

This is possible via the LIVE tab, which upon tapping it takes you to the menu harbouring a few or sometimes many real-life actions that suits your fancy where you may consider wagering on or not.

Also for livestreaming, punter has got to sort out digital livestreaming timetable on Betway as a bettor if he/she wishes to stake on live in-play.

While it might be a couple of seconds late every now and then owing to buffering, it's a lot more pleasurable than seeing a video stream or frequent updates of livescores from your wager and other games. Player must have some funds in the account in order see various livestreams.

 betway live

Betway’s Welcome Bonus and promotions

Presents and promos are types of nectar attracting customers on digital betting platforms. Betway provides players several incentives plus promotional offerings to hold the pressure of expectations still high.

By tapping PROMOTIONS tab on bookie’s web domain, it would display latest and existing deals and their exclusive offers.

 betway promotions

Welcome Offer

Punters are offered about to 50 percent of Freebet, to the tune of 200 Ghanaian Cedi upon an inceptive cash lodgment. This offer comprises 3x Sports wagers or jackpots pegged at 3.0 or greater.

Betting put on betting and simulated sports wouldn't apply to satisfying the conditions for the opening offer. The enrollment offer would be credited as soon as the valid betting slip(s) have culminated in or have seen at least one match resulting.

First Goalscorer Promo

Choose first four goal scorers in a game every week in four chosen games. Make accurate choices, and you'll earn up to 50000 Ghanaian Cedi on Betway.

Review the statistical data and customise your picks or the random select tab does the selection on your behalf. The participation is Free and if the reward isn't earned, it's carried over till the full prize cap is met.

Rebound Boost Promo

Having lost several lines or stakes and trying to up-scale your wagering footing or shape? Be keen on being vigilant on your wagering balance to gauge if you've been given a lift as a palliative to get right back into wagering.

Betway’s Winning Boost

Improve your multibet won wagers to the tune of 100%. Client could increase the percentage for each leg with odds of 1.2 or higher affixed to your multibet betslip. When more legs are added; the boost becomes incremental. Punter’s increased won wagers would be credited to the account.

Money Back Boost Promo

Money Back Increase confides in BetYourWay and brings punters more faith to their favourite clubs. Apply 6 or more bets to the multibet slip and you'd be reimbursed up to 20 times the wager if either of your bets were down.

Betway Cash Lodgement and Pullout Options

Betway guarantees that cash lodgments and cash pullouts are secure. Wherever you use Betway. com. gh for financial transactions as a Ghanaian bettor, you'd be offered a few financial solutions for both lodgments and pullouts.

Enabled Cash Lodgment medium:

Visa credit and debit cards - attracts zero charges with an immediate cash processing duration plus least lodgement sum of 2 Ghanaian Cedi and max. lodgement sum of 1 million Ghanaian Cedi;

Vodafone - attracts zero charges with an immediate cash processing duration plus least lodgement sum of 1 Ghanaian Cedi and max. lodgement sum of 2000 Ghanaian Cedi;

Tigo via Airtel - attracts zero charges with an immediate cash processing duration plus least lodgement sum of 1 Ghanaian Cedi and max. lodgement sum of 2000 Ghanaian Cedi; and lastly,

MTN Mobile Money - attracts zero charges with an immediate cash processing duration plus least lodgement sum of 1 Ghanaian Cedi and max. lodgement sum of 2000 Ghanaian Cedi.

Cash Pullout medium:

Cash pullout is authorised thru logging in unto customer's account, then navigating to My Account then tapping WITHDRAW FUNDS before toeing subsequent steps.

Alternatively, you could follow the Short Message Service route by typing this code format: W#SUM#PUNTER'S BETWAY PIN - e.g. W#2000#45678 and send to 1795.

Client Support Service and Domain Security and Dependability

To ensure active responsiveness and constant attendance to problems and technical challenges encountered by gamers daily as they troop en masse to get fixated on Betway eSports wagering while on Betway. com, bookie has setup several accessible contact channels that takes care of queries and needs of her esteemed bettors in real time daily thru electronic mailing, calls, social media handles, on-site livechat and online form.

Bet way also maintains firm digital security backbone managed by team of tech security and safety professionals who see to zero intrusion from hackers. So far, there haven’t been reports of client data leaks or any form of compromises.

 betway support

Betway Conclusion

In summary, Betway is well-equipped to serve her armada of various customers from different parts of Ghana.

However, it provides every function, lucrative wagering odds and facility that grants punter’s wagering needs some satisfaction and unhindered access to other features that enhances every split second spent while on the platform.


Does bettors residing in other parts of the world other than Africa need an alternative access link to access sportsbook web domain?

No, there’s no need for such. However, there’re link provisions for some African countries to enable punter there access the web domain for wagering.

Does receiving bookie’s welcome bonus entail having a bonus code?

Absolutely not.

Is Bingo facility established on Bet way?


Does Betway Ghana afford Jackpots?


What should I do if I am unable to enter my account or lose my password?

Traverse to the password recovery link made available on-site.

Is there an established least possible stake on Betway Ghana?

Yes, we’ve addressed it in detail, for bank cards (Visa) it’s 2 Ghanaian Cedi whereas other enabled channels as we have aforementioned has theirs pegged at 1 Ghanaian Cedi.

How do I know the highest possible payout sum on bookie’s platform?

Such information wasn’t made available in the course of our review.

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