Eazibet review

Last update on: 2020/11/03

Eazibet Review

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Eazibet appeared on the Ghanaian betting scene with much splendour and impressiveness, especially of appearance and style and it’s working like magic for them in Ghana; drawing a large number of mostly young Ghanaian bettors to come and enrol plus carry out their wagering activities on their web domain. That being said, it came to our notice during our thorough review that Eazibet Ghana is truly out for business as we shall soon verify.

The main thing for punters is meeting their diverse gambling needs in style. However, the sportsbook hit this mark by ensuring that they offer a diversity of both betting and sporting marketplaces to soothe such needs.

Hence, they adopted the following as part of their sporting marketplace: top events (EC 20, UEFA Champions League and Table Tennis), top sports (volleyball, handball, basketball, ice hockey and football) and all sports comprising of 29 wonderful sporting events all on Eazibet gh.


This bookie's betting marketplace attached per sporting event is overwhelming, they are as follows: multiple bet exact score, 1st half and 2nd half specific number of goals, specific number of goals for either competing teams, total number of goals overall, number of corners per half (1st and 2nd halves), over/under (for goals, corners, cards - yellow and red, throw-ins), player(s) to score in either 1st or 2nd half, even/odd, handicap, double chance; and 1x2; all on Eazi bet.

Lest, we forget, the sportsbook has appreciable odds format which are: system, combi and single formats. Also, the quality of their wagering odds is superb, odds range from 1.05 (at least) to 51.00 (max. due to peak betting activities for a particular sporting event going on).

Often, most punters fear is about the authenticity and legality of gambling operations of most betting enterprises; to this end we can authoritatively assert that Eazibet Ghana is licensed to operate in Ghana with a license identification number that reads: GCSB1943F160C.

In terms of overall security and safety of the entire platform; there's nothing to worry about because Eazi bet hired the best hands in tech security to handle their database and ward-off occasional intrusions or hacks that tend to endanger the client's data and finances.

In reference to features and various functions the bookie has, there are many of them. First, Eazibet has a well-organised means of rewarding consistency in gambling for her numerous customers through just 3 bonus offerings. Secondly, there’re functions present on-site to make wagering activities easier like the betslip facility, live bet facility, bet options feature, jackpot and virtuals.

Also, Eazibet gh has quite a good number of enabled means of financial transaction for both cash lodgements into – and cash pullouts out of gamer’s account. Lastly, bookie’s client support service team is responsive and have devoted accessible communication channels.

Eazibet Promos and Bonuses

On Eazibet gh, there’s not much promotional offerings or bonuses, but just 3 bonus offerings, one is exclusively for new entrants – the 50 Ghanaian Cedi Welcome Bonus. Be that as it may, to partake in this bonus offer, you must enrol on the platform; afterwards you’d need to make an inceptive cash lodgement into your personal account, once this is done shortly after enrolment, the bettor receives his or her Eazibet 50 Ghanaian Cedi Welcome Bonus. There’re strict Ts and Cs that apply.

 eazibet welcome bonus

There’s the provision of Eazibet gh Freebet, of which to grab this bonus the customer must make additions of wagered marketplaces to the betslip, then choose and stake your freebet (use at least 10 Ghanaian Cedi of freebet), and then you’re on your way to big wins and earnings, as explicitly depicted in a schema shown below. Player must adhere to strict Ts and Cs pertaining to this bonus.

The third bonus offering available on the sportsbook is the Eazi bet 30 percent Extreme Bonus. This works in a special manner which entails a bettor to enrol, and then subsequently sign-in to lodge in at least 1 Ghanaian Cedi and staking on a few sports markets, before instantly receiving 30 percent of Eazibet Ghana Extreme Bonus that guarantees a player to win sums to the tune of 250000 Ghanaian Cedi. Punter is required to strictly follow Ts and Cs applicable to this gaining this bonus.

Methods of Payment: Cash Lodgements and Cash Pullouts

Eazibet gh made provision for a total of 4 enabled cash lodgement transaction channels or services for Ghanaian bettors; which are MTN, Vodafone, Airtel and Tigo. Short Message Service (for bettors using MTN and Vodafone kindly press the following to have cash lodgements done successfully, *377#, then follow subsequent prompt commands till finish.

Then, for players using Tigo and Airtel, press *714*88#, then follow subsequent prompt commands till finish) is also enabled for cash lodgement. The sportsbook pegged the minimal lodgement sum at 5 Ghanaian Cedi.

 eazibet payments

When it comes to funds pullout on Eazibet, the customer should press these dial keys on your smart mobile gadget: *377# - which applies to Vodafone and MTN - then follow subsequent prompt commands till finish; for bettors using Tigo and Airtel, they should press these dial keys on his/her smart mobile gadget: *714*88# - then follow subsequent prompt commands till finish.

However, the least cash pullout sum is 10 Ghanaian Cedi. But, highest possible sum for pullout daily is 1000 Ghanaian Cedi.

Eazibet Desktop Site

Eazi bet web domain is traditionally beautiful and well arranged to suit the corporate taste and wagering responsiveness of Ghanaian players. Upon landing on the site, an observant bettor can see the sportsbook's corporate logo situated extreme left of the homepage, then beside it, to its direct right side are two short rectangular boxes for inputting login details (player's cellphone number and personal identification number - PIN), and directly beside them is the link meant for PIN retrieval when it's lost (Forgot PIN). Then, to the extreme left are the following: yellow SIGN UP NOW tab, with an electronic time display and betslip icon.

The features and functions on Eazibet Ghana are numerous to mention and they are well positioned on bookie's homepage for wagering convenience. However, to the extreme left of the sportsbook's main page, just beneath the long black banner, you'd find the segment for sports makretplaces which starts with small black tabs with white impressions such as: Live, Last minute, Today, and Tomorrow; with results, sport, country, league, bet options and bets following beneath in that order. A little farther under this segment is a sub-segment for the following in a cascading order: top leagues and the new cashout feature ad.

 eazibet review

The central betting area on Eazibet gh is where the main action on the sportsbook lies. In this segment, you'll definitely find the broad ad dashboard that flips in successive bouts displaying different ads on promos and other valuable info.

Beneath this segment are different sporting events slated to take place within the day and subsequent fixtures with their respective betting marketplaces and odds attached to each sporting event to be wagered on. To the extreme right of the homepage are the odds format alteration facility, and a broad betslip.

So, generally, to the base of the homepage the jackpots, virtuals, T&C, legal information, privacy policy, responsible gaming and contact us links in that order. Then, below them are social media network links of the Eazibet situated to the left and to the right are logos of different payment transaction channels.

Eazibet Online Rules

Eazi bet doesn't allow prospective gamers who are below 18 years of age to participate in gambling on their site; therefore, proof of identity is needed for verification and authenticating user identity. No punter is required to open a user account twice on bookie's platform.

All enrolment information provided must be true. Both username and password of customer must be kept intact and secured, which is the client's responsibility. Any form of bettor's misconduct is highly prohibited. For bonus policy, every player must ensure him /her meets the requisite terms and conditions associated with each bonus provision.

Eazibet Sports Offer

The following are part of Eazibet’s sporting marketplace: top events (EC 20, UEFA Champions League and Table Tennis), top sports (volleyball, handball, basketball, ice hockey and football) and all sports comprising of 29 wonderful sporting events all on Eazibet gh.

 eazibet sports

They can be found on the extreme left portion of the sportsbook’s webpage as depicted in the schema below. Just click on the SPORT tab.

Bet Types on Eazibet Ghana

On the whole, there’re a 9 types of bets or wagers available on Eazi bet ; they include: single bet (where a punter stakes a wager on one an anticipated outcome, and the odds attached to the stake is multiplied by 1: e.g. a player stakes a wager in favour of Arsenal FC vs AS Roma in Champions League tie with odd of 1.30, so, bettor is said to stake 20 Ghanaian Cedi.

Now, the expectant outcome is 20 Ghanaian Cedi x 1.30 = 26.); combination bet (are bets, two to the least that are combined, therefore, the odds attached to each of the wagers combined are summed up and multiplied by the staked sum: e.g. staked sum is 20 Ghanaian Cedi x 1.30 + 1.05 + 1.40 = 75 Ghanaian Cedi); system bet; live bet; head to head bet; remaining time bet; multiway bet; over/under bet; and exact score bet.

Eazibet Football Wagering

Football is part of the predominant sporting activities on Eazibet gh. There’re lots of football wagers and betting markets attached to it as well. In football you’d see top European leagues in countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, England, Belgium, Netherlands and Russia; also some hot football leagues in Asian countries like South Korea, China and Japan are available, etc.

All you have to do to access the leagues in these countries is just be traversing to the extreme left of the page and find the tab tagged COUNTRY and tap it to display in a cascading manner.

Eazibet Live Wagering and What Makes Eazibet Punter’s Delight

Live betting is a function that displays a broad range of in-play sports marketplaces that are both well-known and unpopular. On Eazi bet, the live betting section affords players on-going stats, updates, and simulated audio-visual motion depiction of current in-play activities as it were live.

We regret to inform you that Eazibet Ghana absolutely lacks the livestream facility.

 eazibet wagering

Many gamers find Eazibet enjoyable are numerous to count: easy processing of financial transactions either for cash lodgements and cash pullouts; numerous marketplaces and superb odds quality; and easy to load website when accessed thru the mobile edition of bookie’s platform, and many more.

Odds and Limits

The quality of wagering odds on Eazibet gh is superb, odds range from 1.05 (at least) to 51.00 (max. due to peak betting activities for a particular sporting event going on).

Eazibet Casino

Unfortunately, there’s complete absence of a casino facility on the sportsbook.

About Client Support Service

Issues always come up while wagering on any digital betting platform wherever they may be operating from. That's why it became pertinent to establish a standby client support team that takes in and treat numerous queries and advises and the issuance of guidelines on how to use or operate some functions.

However, Eazibet has devoted some client support channels for easy reach; they're through electronic mail at info@eazibet.com.gh; then there's WhatsApp channel at +233241998067; and through a hotline +233241998067. But, here's what happens, they can be reached at specific hours from 7am to 21 pm daily from Monday to Sunday. Note: Public holidays affect their work.

Bookie’s Web Domain Safety and Reliability

In terms of sportsbook’s safety and legality of their operation; Eazi bet is equal to the task because as we have earlier mentioned, the bookie is licensed to operate in Ghana and as well it has a team of dedicated tech security experts that handles the site’s customer data and financial trails.

To this end, we can say that the bookie is well-protected from intrusion and attacks by means of latest tech security and website security tools.

Enrolment on Eazibet

The only means of enrolling to join the sportsbook is by visiting https://www.eazibet.com.gh/en and while on the homepage you'd quickly find the yellow SIGN UP NOW tab to click.

Once the yellow tab circled in red as depicted in the schema above is tapped, another page opens up where you’ve got to fill in all requisite punters’ data that before the final tab is tapped for submission as shown on the schema below.

Eazibet’s Mobile App

Regrettably, Eazi bet doesn't have a dedicated mobile app for players; however, they have a mobile edition that serves as the replica of the desktop site. The beautiful thing is that the mobile edition is simple, fast to load and all feature and function is well-arranged and easily reachable without much navigation on-site.

To use Eazibet's mobile edition just input this address eazibet.com.gh on your smart mobile gadget.


Means of staking wagers on?

There are two routes of staking wagers on the Eazibet Ghana. First is thru bettor's account; upon login go to SPORTS BET principal menu, then choose your event to wager on from the extreme left portion of the homepage; when done, then tap the affixed odds and punters' wager is displayed on the wagering slip situated right of the homepage, then input your preferred wagering sum under YOUR BET prior to tapping the PLACE BET. As soon as the wager is accepted by the sportsbook's system, you'd get a confirmatory message. Alternatively, you can stake wagers through Unstructured Supplementary Service Data by pressing the following key pads on your smart mobile gadget: *377# or *714*88#, this elicits a message prompt with options to choose from, and then select the options.

Cancelling a bet on Eazibet Ghana?

Such information wasn’t found while in the course of our thorough review. But, if such need arises, the punter should consult the client support service for instructions.

What is the minimum and maximum I can bet?

The information made available in the course of our in-depth review, but the client support service could be reached for more details on this.

How do I know I have won?

Just login into your user account to check.

Where can I check match results?

Match result could be seen or found on the results segment situated left of the bookie’s homepage.

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