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Last update on: 2020/11/03

Sunbet Sports Betting Review

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We want to inform all valued clients that sunbet gh is now taken over by Dafabet Ghana since 30th of June, 2019. Dafabet is a gambling behemoth with strong presence in the Asian gambling market. See the notice below for more insights.


It's with great pleasure that we wish to bring to you the special edition of Sunbet in-depth sports betting review. However, we want to bring to your notice that Sunbet Ghana sports wagering segment is enriched with assortment of fanciful and engrossing sporting events aimed at engaging different sports and gaming fans all over Ghana.

This assortment comprises the following mix: tennis, basketball, football, American soccer, baseball, Aussie rules, boxing, cricket, basketball, futsal, golf, badminton, cycling, snooker, darts, volleyball, simulated sports, rugby - league and union, winter sports, handball, table tennis, ice hockey; there're add-ons like entertainment and political forecasts for political enthusiasts on sun bet.

 sunbet sports

The schema directly above depicts what the cherished sports wagering segment used to look like under the former sunbet web domain before they were modified onto a different layout on dafabet’s platform, which looks like what is depicted in the schema below.

 dafabet eazy view

As presented above, the sports wagering portion can be found situated on the extreme left – close to bookie’s homepage’s edge – on a yellow background throughout. This segment also contains complementary wagering marketplaces, notably; goals – under/over, win - home team to win or away team to win/ both teams to draw/lose - home team to lose or away to lose, over/under with associated but varying odds.

However, we want were dissatisfied with the limited availability of assorted wagering marketplaces on sun bet. When it comes to odds system or format views, Sunbet Ghana under its new platform shows two distinct systems, namely; Euro and Asian views as circled in blue in the schema below.

In terms of odds for wagering, it’s quite poor but a bit manageable for prudent punters (the least possible odds could be 1.40 sometimes or 1.80; but highest possible odds could be between 5.00 to 8.00) who’d love to gamble safely without excruciatingly painful losses experienced by bettors who want to go for the kill in a big way.

Merits and Demerits of Sunbet Ghana

When it comes to ascertaining what should inform a player's resolve to join a particular gambling outfit, issues that come to mind are multi-faceted, and to a larger extent, they might eventually support or dissuade the customer, hence our resolve looking into the merits and demerits of Sunbet gh before they were taken over; but never mistake their taking over as non-existence, they're much alive but in another form.

Merits include: simplified style in web design, strategic placement of features and functions, swift loading of the web domain on either desktop and mobile platforms, assorted mix of sporting events, availability of live centre and simulated sporting events, and sufficient contact channels.

Demerits include: shortage of promotional offerings, transition/transfer of the web domain to another outfit, limited wagering marketplaces, and dissatisfying odds quality.

Enrolment Procedure on Sunbet Ghana

It’s important to inform all esteemed gamers that enrolment could be done either thru the desktop platform or sunbet mobile. Well, for the desktop edition, to kick off enrolment you’d have to find the yellow JOIN NOW tab situated just on the right portion of bookie’s homepage.

 dafabet joined

Once tapped, a webpage opens up with vacant electronic form wherein these details have to be filled in: client's mobile no., password and its confirmation, electronic mail, first and last names, birth day, 2 security questions and answers; then ticking 2 boxes for confirming/accepting conditions and terms plus age declaration (being 18+).

 dafabet registration

Sunbet Gh Welcome Bonus & Sportsbook promotions

There’re a few offers available on Sunbet gh, about a total of 3. But, however, the essence of this aspect of review is to give in-depth review of incentive in the form of bonus made available by bookie to new entrants on the platform, which is called 50 percent first deposit bonus.

Any player can afford to get acquainted with what’s on offer by tapping the PROMOTIONS link on sportsbook homepage.

 dafabet promotions

After the PROMOTIONS weblink is tapped, another webpage comes up bearing all the incentives on offer as you can see in the schema below.

The first offer is what we are going to address herein. Here's the catch a prospective punter would have to setup a user account which has been explained earlier in the preceding topics.

 dafabet welcome bonus

Once a user account is established successfully, what should follow to be able to earn this 50 percent bonus as promised by bookie is for the bookie to make cash lodgement of at least 10 Ghanaian Cedi into customer's account on Sunbet which is now taken over by dafabet. Also bear in mind that terms associated with earning such bonus must be met.

Other promotional offerings offered by thru desktop domain or sunbet mobile (note: that’s switched to dafabet) are two. There's a weekly challenge that has to do with predicting accurate results of particular football fixtures in EPL in order to earn you 10 Ghanaian Cedi for each accurate result predicted.

Sun bet have its cashback policy also carried over to the new platform run by dafabet. In this case a player earns about 15 percent cashback on bet losses staked every week on parlays; as we identified, the percentage to be earned or worthy of being earned is hinged in the account tier of the account user, with accompanying conditions of earning such offer.

Pre-Match Offer on Sun Bet Ghana

Regarding pre-match offers on Sunbet Ghana , it’s regrettable that we couldn’t find any specific information that addresses this important issue. However, we advise the punter to reach out to the client support service for more details if there’s any.

Esports on Sunbet

There's a provision that seem to handle all electronic games or sports as we identified in the course of our review.

The ENTERTAINMENT tab which is part and sandwiched amongst sporting events on offer by Sunbet Ghana under the auspices of dafabet.

 dafabet sports

However, we have put up a schema in relation to our findings should in case any gamer deems it fit to explore such wagering option.

Live Offer

To explore live offers at the moment for in order to make your betting choice(s), you’d have to find/tap the LIVE weblink positioned on the main menu of bookie’s homepage.

Once that’s done, you’d be able to see a display of all on-going live events across all the sporting marketplaces on Sunbet gh under the aegis of dafabet.

Mobile Sunbet

Sunbet gh mobile has an endearing build which gives it a high rating. The bookmaker had an app meant for only android users, but as soon as they were taken over by dafabet, the new arrangement was to remodify the app but it’s not in use for now, only what was made operational is the mobile web domain which is the miniature edition of the web domain,; built with striking simplicity, elegance and free-flow capability of traversing from one segment to another as the punter enjoys wagering on the platform.

 dafabet mobile


The site is fully secure and it received a special upgrade after Sunbet was taken over by dafabet. A team of IT security experts were employed to handle security issues and threats from within and outside the platform.

Also, as part of satisfying the conditions of security, the new owner of the platform secured operational gambling license in order to legitimise its activities.

Cash Lodgements and Pullout Procedures on the sportsbook

On Sun Bet (changed to dafabet), there are 3 enabled means of cash transactions (for both cash lodgements and pullouts), namely; Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigo and MTN Mobile Money services.

 dafabet withdrawal methods

For cash lodgements try doing the following for each of the enabled payment means:

Visafone - Press *110# in order to obtain an algorithm generated token on your mobile gadget which is a requirement for debiting your Vodafone wallet. Go to 6th option to get token, then followed by 4 digits personal identity number and proceed. A text pops-up with 6 digits token with 5 mins expiry duration. The go to your Dafabet acct, choose CASHIER tab situated top right portion on page, then choose DEPOSIT from the cascading menu, to insert your preferred sum, then the 6 digits token and choose DEPOSIT. Finally, a text conformation of cash transacted comes up and you'd place your wage.

AirtelTIGO - Navigate to your Dafabet acct, choose CASHIER tab situated top right portion on page, then choose DEPOSIT from the cascading menu, to insert your preferred sum, then choose DEPOSIT. This action prompts a text to pop-up from the payment service in order to authorise cash transfer. Then, press *501*5# on your mobile gadget, followed by choosing transaction from the cascading menu. Go to 1st for the approval of the transaction option to get token. A text pops-up with a special personal identification number on your gadget with 5 mins expiry duration. Finally, a text conformation of cash transacted comes up and you'd place your wage.

MTN - Navigate to your Dafabet acct, tap CASHIER tab situated top right portion on page, then choose DEPOSIT from the cascading menu, to insert your preferred sum, then choose DEPOSIT on the cascading menu. This action prompts a text to pop-up from the payment service in order to authorise cash transfer. Then, press 1 or choose YES for confirmation. Finally, a text conformation of cash transacted comes up and you'd place your wage.

For cash pullout proceed doing the following on Sunbet Ghana. Note: all methods goes for all 3 means:

Vodafone/MTN/AirtelTIGO - Navigate to your Dafabet acct, tap CASHIER tab situated top right portion on page, then choose WITHDRAW from the cascading menu, to insert your preferred sum for pullout, then choose WITHDRAW to receive confirmatory transaction from bookie, followed by confirmatory text from Vodafone.

Client Support Service

On sunbet gh, the open communication channels made available are only two: electronic mail - and hotline at +233555222888


Is Sunbet still a gambling platform?

Yes, but they were taken over by Dafabet

In what way can I commence enrolment?

You could kick off the process thru hitting the yellow JOIN NOW tab.

Is there a guide on how to wager on the sportsbook?

Not at all, but it’s a straight process. Login and traverse to the sports betting section to choose any of the sporting events on-going as displayed.

What are the various means of making cash lodgements on the sportsbook?

They are MTN or Airtel TIGO Mobile Money, and Vodafone.

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